Tell your story with exquisite jewelry
Our melody silver heart with headphones
Silver bead
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magic bean glass bead in the making
Glass bead
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Stone bead
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The magic is inside you
and it's ready to blossom

When a new year begins, that's when the Magic Bean sprouts

Find jewels of Hope and New Beginnings

Trinity of the heart Trollbead gemstone and silver jewelry bead craftmanship
Bringing You Love

Harmony and Protection

Made with the finest craftsmanship.
When the worries make too much noise
Listen to our song

Sometimes all it takes is a single moment to make your heart feel fresher.

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Winter Clouds Bead
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Warm Wishes Bead
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Together Bead
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Stay Together Clasp
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Snowflakes Bead
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Step 1

Choose beads that represent you, your story, and your style.

Select bead

Step 2

Choose the type of jewelry you want to wear and wear it or add your favorite beads and create your own personal style.


Step 3

Choose a lock or stopper to lock the beads and keep your beads from falling out.

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Trollbeads Magic

Every bead has a story

Trollbeads created the world's first and best bracelet beaded jewelry concept, giving YOU the opportunity to create jewelry based on your taste, personality and story.

start your story
Trollbeads bracelet in green colors and silver beads and clasp
Time to fly Trollbeads bracelet

Time to Fly

Don't hide, don't hesitate. Let your sense of security empower you to bravely spread your wings towards freedom.

This is a limited edition product.

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My sweet bear silver bead in the making

My Sweet bear

Behind that armor you hide a big heart!

A new sterling silver bead for the strong softy in your life.
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Carp Koi bead & Pendant

The koi carp has a powerful and energetic life force, and in Eastern cultures, especially in Japan, it is believed to bring good luck and prosperity.

Wear Jewelry that carries your hopes with you.